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We offer a broad range of home comfort services:

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Our commercial janitorial services include routine maintenance services and catastrophe clean up.

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies which will not result in harmful toxic chemical buildup.

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Home Energy Evaluators

Harnessing Energy With The Help Of An Energy Evaluator

An energy evaluation is a smart way to add value to your home, as well as improve living conditions. We are an energy evaluation firm that specializes in developing energy efficient homes. In addition to evaluating, a custom plan for improved efficiency is developed with the data from the home inspection.

Our experience has earned us credentials from the Building Performance Institute, as well as participation in the ReEnergize program for Omaha and Lincoln. We perform the important task of doing energy audits for residents participating in the program.

What is the ReEnergize program for Omaha and Lincoln?

The ReEnergize program is about creating energy efficient communities. Omaha and Lincoln residents can receive a detailed energy evaluation, as well as discounted energy-saving products. This program awards participants a chance for a customized efficiency report, and incentives for making energy harnessing improvements.

Taking advantage of this program is an affordable way to not only improve energy efficiency, but to also improve the value of your home. In addition to increased value an efficient home also increases safety and comfort. With better air control, air quality is improved, making a more comfortable environment. The rewards are personal, but also offer tremendous value to the community goal of an energy efficient community.

An energy audit from a participating ReEnergize energy evaluator can lead Omaha and Lincoln residents to ultimate energy efficiency.

What is an Energy Audit?

Home energy audits are the best way to map out an energy efficiency plan. A thorough audit of your energy and home will help determine cost effective methods to better your efficiency. This audit is done by examining important energy points in your home. These important energy points include insulation, lighting, appliances, furnaces and draft points, such as windows and doors.

Examining the sources of your home's energy is the best way to plan toward better efficiency. Simple repairs and maintenance can considerably improve efficiency lost to poor insulation, malfunctioning appliances and inefficient lighting. These things all add up to energy wasted.

Reserving energy with wise improvements heavily focuses on sealing the leaks where quality air is lost. Quality air also holds the important temperature that helps make our homes comfortable. This important air is often lost through walls, ceilings, plumbing fixtures, outlets and windows. In addition to sealing the air leaks in a home, further efficiency can be achieved through proper energy usage. Finding ways to create renewable energy offers maximum efficiency.

All the major energy sources are examined during an energy audit, even measuring the efficiency of lights and other energy-drawing areas, such as major appliances. In addition to appliances, heating and cooling units, duct work, fireplaces, attics, and even basements are all part of the audit.

A home energy audit is the first step to devising a plan that makes the most of your homes structure, and energy sources.

What does certified by the Building Performance Institute mean?

The Building Performance Institute certifies based on high quality energy efficiency standards. Those credentialed by BPI have been through a rigorous evaluation of performance, efficiency, competency and knowledge.


BPI Certified Building Analyst

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