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Home Energy Audits

The Benefits Of A Home Energy Audit  - Comfort, Cost And Community

The ReEnergize initiative in Omaha and Lincoln has increased energy efficiency awareness. This attention, along with steep discounts and incentives, has homeowners updating their home with energy saving improvements.

The first important step to maximizing your home's efficiency is having an efficiency expert perform a home energy audit. A home energy audit exposes all of your lost energy sources, and is key in devising a plan for improvement. Making sure to hang on to the energy you pay for not only helps your finances, but also the environment.

Being resourceful with our resources benefits the present, and also the future. This is why analyzing your energy efficiency is a smart idea. Below are some of the things you can expect to discover with a home energy audit.

What You Will Learn From a Home Energy Audit -

  • where you have air leaks in the home
  • what your HVAC efficiency is
  • where your hot/cold points are
  • what your insulation quality is
  • what your light/light-bulb energy level is
  • what your appliance/fixture heat output is
  • how to improve your home's energy efficiency

Everything your home energy audit tells you, points directly to what needs to be done to improve it. Wasting these important resources is like throwing money away. With the cost of gas and electric, having leaks in your home is like having holes in your pocket.

An efficiency professional will examine every nook and cranny of your home. Their bags of tricks include infrared cameras that expose heat sources, and smoke sticks that show the invisible paths of drafts. Every detail is checked, from duct-work to insulation.

Older homes are unfortunately victim to a lower set of building codes and insulating features. However, this does not leave homeowners to be a victim of their home's age. With affordable improvements and simple upgrades, the efficiency clock can be reset.

Not only do energy efficient homes save money, but they hold better temperature, and have better air quality. This means that energy efficiency will improve the comfort level of your home. Additionally, updating a home to maximize efficiency increases the value of the home.

It is also important to remember that our energy levels are not limitless. Wasted energy is taking for granted what has yet to come. For this reason, for future generations, communities are coming together to lessen their burden on the environment.

A home energy audit will give a full, customized analysis of your home energy use and waste. In addition, you will be armed with every detail needed to make your home energy efficient.

Comfort, cost and community – all reasons to harness our energy. When saving money comes with the added benefit of improving our personal environment, as well as the world, we should take advantage of the opportunity.


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